Hello !

My name is Markus. I'am a german wedding photographer from Wachenheim - Bad Dürkheim.
My hometown is directly located on the wine route between the cities of Mannheim, Landau and Kaiserslautern. I am married to my dear wife Petra and together we share the couch with our female dog Sally who has stayed by our side for more than 10 years ;). Photos can enrich lives and give precious memories; perhaps the most precious memories. Therefore, in addition to my work as a wedding photographer, I am voluntarily listed at Your-starchild and give affected parents the most important memory in their lives.

What is good photography and what is important for a successful wedding coverage?

Authenticity! I want to capture the beauty of the moment. Uncontrived and real. Just as you experienced it. So that, even after years, you can remember this event while looking at your wedding photos. With all the emotions and thoughts that have accompanied you on this special day.

Hochzeitsfotograf Rheinland Pfalz

Photography, and especially wedding photography, is more than just a profession to me.

It is my vocation.

I want to capture moments that have something to tell. Expressive recordings that can take up a situation honestly yet emotionally and authentically trflect events. Therefore, it is important to create a relaxed atmosphere, the newlyweds feel fully comfortable with. On a friendly basis an with a sense of humor, I would like to create a relationship of trust between us, in order to experience you naturally in front of my camera. My wedding coverages are more than memories: they are still alive even after years, like a story that you enjoy reading again and again.